Well-known reliability in a new look: Even in a new style and with a new company name, Kulzer remains a reliable partner for all dental professionals – with more than 80 years of expertise.

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For the Dental Technician:

Kulzer for Dental Technicians

The highly developed manual skills of dental technicians in combination with dental laboratory materials from Kulzer deliver precisely tailored results and therefore satisfied patients.

Hera - For good reason.


Seven valuable elements act as the basis for perfect results:

Hera is the brand for perfect alloys and your products made from them. Seven specific components are active in these products: The value of an experienced company. In combination they form the basis of the high-tech Hera products. From the model to the alloy to framework fabrication: Every link of the restoration process chain incorporates the combination of experience, competence, trust, innovation, quality, reproducible precision and success – seven good reasons for selecting Hera products and fabricating your own high-quality restorations in the laboratory.

Dental Plasters Type 3

Our Type 3 hard plasters OCTA-MOL and OCTA-DUR offer maximum product stability and reliability - developed in co-operation with the manufacturer.
We use only high-quality raw materials that are ground a second time with a ball mill to manufacture hard modelling plaster. This gives our Type 3 Octa-Mol and Octa-Dur plasters their special properties. 
Benefits at a glance:
  • perfect processing consistency
  • high compatibility with alginate impressions
  • very good stackability
  • very good sculpting characteristics

Dental Plasters Type 4

Our type 4 super hard plasters offer maximum product stability and reliability.

Moldarock RoyalMoldastoneOCTA-ROCK and OCTA-SUPERROCK are based on high-quality raw materials: first-class materials with optimum physical properties.
Our Type 4 super hard plasters are suitable for all high-quality prosthetic indications, such as saw-cut models, models for model casting, implantology, electroforming, master models for crowns and bridges, and inlays and onlays. The right plaster for every requirement.
Benefits at a glance:
  • high compression strength for durable surfaces
  • outstanding long-term dimensional stability, consistently low setting expansion
  • excellent compatibility with all impression materials
  • For all indications, self-curing acrylic.


Use Heravest M 2000 for excellent fit during speed preheating. 

Our model-casting investment compounds are ideally suited for casting cobalt-chrome model casting alloys. The investment compounds, proven in practice, have excellent flow properties and with their extreme surface density provide smooth object surfaces.
Benefits at a glance:
  • excellent flow properties
  • Excellent fit
  • smooth surfaces
  • Results-oriented and laboratory tested

Investment Compound for Pressable Ceramics

Our phosphate-bound, graphite-free precision investment material Heravest Press was specially developed for use with pressable ceramic. Suitable for speed preheating
Benefits at a glance:
  • excellent fit
  • high strength
  • easy deflasking